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Website page size Checker is one of the many seo tools that crazy web services has evolved over these years. This great tool, because the call shows, is a page size checker that may be used to understand the page size of any particular URL. It is a magic device that customers can use to check website length online. In case your internet site takes longer than regular to load then possibly you need to work on the scale of your website due to the fact it could bring about excessive jump charge because the net users don’t generally tend to have the persistence to watch for the net web page to open. An average small web web page size is envisioned to be 12 KB and with a view to load right away. The extra media on a page, the larger the page length and the slower it will load. Embedded films, photos, audio, snap shots, flash, and different types of media will increase your page length. First things first, it’s critical for the health and overall performance of your website which you understand the size of your internet site but how to know the whole length of a internet site? That’s in which internet site page length checker or page length inspector comes into play.